Vegan CBD Curedrops,pain relief in pets suffering

Vegan CBD Curedrops,pain relief in pets suffering
For a few years, research has focused not only on human diseases, but also on CBD for pets. Many veterinarians now use it for the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases in pets, but Dr. Doug Kramer, known as the "Guru Veterinarian," was one of the pioneers in using medical cannabis in pets.

The story of dog Nikita

It all started when a client with her dog ¨Nikita ¨ , came to her office.Nikita arrived at the clinic with a rather degenerative state and Kramer, tired of practicing eutonasia when he could no longer save the animals' lives, proposed to the owner of Nikita : ¨we can keep her dog for a while longer by her side, but with a different treatment; that at least calm his pain and let him live for a while longer ¨




That's how the Dr. Kramer set out to help her and her client was willing to treat her dog with cancer, with medical marijuana.

Although the cancer of the husky named Nikita was not cured, it had a great improvement and after the first doses it managed to walk again. With this and after many treatments, cannabis proved effective and hopeful. Her client avoided having to sacrifice her, the dog was able to prolong her life a few more months and at least until the moment of her death she was happy.

In the year 2015, the United States Senator Tick Segerblom delivered a proposal so that medical cannabis could also be used in pets in case of suffering a terminal illness or causing severe pain. Although at first it had the concern of associations defending the rights of animals but veterinarians specialized in the subject suggested that it was worth trying.



The CBD for pets does not affect some as well as others. For example, it is known that dogs have more CB-1 receptors than any other animal species. That is why the administration of cannabinoids in the plant is very promising. It is known to be effective in treating anxiety, hyperactivity, inflammation, arthritis, epilepsy, lack of appetite, pain caused by terminal diseases and various allergies and skin problems.

For its part, the CBD in cats is used to treat diabetes, chronic kidney diseases, anxiety, stress, seizures, arthritis, inflammation, cardiovascular problems, hyperthyroidism, lack of appetite and pain caused by cancer, so it is recommended to use only CBD oils. More information :

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