At Marine Tanks we are specialists in diesel fuel tanks for boats. At Marine Tanks we have spent years dedicating ourselves to the design and manufacture of all types of tanks for ships and boats. We are proud to say that we are one of the most recognized tank manufacturing companies in the world.

 Today we are one of the companies that manufactures the largest volume of ship tanks. At Marine Tanks we are focused on training and empowering companies and industry to evolve and improve. For this we offer the best range of products and tanks for boats, offering customized solutions and facilities.

 One of our main activities is the manufacture of fuel tanks. Within these types of deposits, we find two lines or ranges; one specific for the deposition, reserve and storage of diesel oil and the other range is specialized in the accumulation of gasoline.

 At Marine Tanks we guarantee that our diesel tanks are made of the best quality polyethylene, following the UNE-IN-ISO standard.

If what you are looking for is a fuel tank, here you will find everything you are looking for:

  • L 1500 mm x l 650 mm x h 380 mm Inlet pipe Ø 38 or 50 mm, air vent Ø 16 mm. Outlet pipe and return diesel Ø 8 mm

  • Reed sensor gauge

  • Visit cap 128 mm

  • Material : PE

  • Color : black

  • EN ISO 21487:2018

  • Packaging: 3 per pallet

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