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Flags with skulls

Apart from the typical flags (which are after this section), there are many original designs with skulls and other backgrounds that will catch your eye and can be very interesting to nail on a wall:

Pirate flags

If there is one kind of flag with skulls par excellence, those are the pirate flags. Although they don't need any introduction, we do warn you that there are more models than you imagined. And if you don't believe us, take a look at our selection on our website: Skull Flags


Cheap pirate flags, which pirate flag to buy?

If what you like is the Jolly Roger, you will have seen that in our selection you have many different models to choose from when buying a pirate flag:


Wearing a patch or no patch

With or without handkerchief

With the typical crossed shinbones

Of crossed swords instead of tibias

To hang it on your wall, or to hoist it in the campsite in your tent, to carry it in the back of your van, to signpost your umbrella and towel on the beach... I'm sure you can think of more than a thousand possibilities.

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