Effect of New ISO 9001 2015 on Business Standards

In 180 countries of the world, ISO 9001 2012 has been used by millions of people as well as an organization. However, recently a new draft revision of it is soon to be launched which is known as ISO 9001 2015. It will have a significant impact on the organization and business that are currently working with the standard.


It is believed  to have an effect on the certification and accreditation bodies. Even the organization that is providing the training and consulting will be affected adversely. There are major changes in the new version of the older one. It will now be able to recognize the fact the most of the companies are providing services rather than the physical products. The term product and services are now differentiated. The product will now be written as “goods or service”. It makes things clear whether the organization is offering services or physical products to the customers.

The quality of the management is also involved in the new version. There is a requirement of senior management for the quality management system. The feature of the version 2008 of managing the process is preserved in the new version. In addition to it there will be an emphasis on the quality as well as the productivity of the product. It will develop confidence in the product generated by the organization. The focus is generating the desired product for the customers. The new version also has an interesting factor in it which is the control over the auditor proficiency. It will ensure that a high level of auditing will be maintained by the organization.

The management that is using the new system  can efficiently achieve the intended outcome. It can prevent the undesired effects as it is best in its work. You can continuously achieve improvement in your organization with updating the older version with the new one.

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