Ways to Improve your Academic Essay Writing

Ways to Improve your Academic Essay Writing
There comes a time when you hit a block on your essay writing improvement; you keep producing the same type of essays without any improvement in your structure, style, or composition. Many determined writers, in such situations— instead of going back to the drawing board— head into writing and practice more essays, hoping they will get out of the rut.

Many determined to improve will ask their fellow writers: ‘help me write my essay.’ This might improve their writing but without any addition to their writing acumen. To improve upon your writing you will have to explore a variety of sources such as books, articles, other essays, and writing labs, instead of trying to improve just by writing. 

Many great writers and essayists keep improving their craft through learning from other fellow writers and resources. You too should use the various resources to get yourself out of the rut and better your writing. 

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Helpful books on writing

Books have been around for centuries helping us get acquainted with ideas, stories, information. Books on writing too have been around for long. One book, in particular, written a century ago, has stood out from the rest and is remarkably still relevant.

The book is the classic Elements of Style by Strunk and White. Written originally by Cornell University’s English Professor William Struck Jr. the book was later edited and expanded by the great American author E.B. White (who was a student of William Struck) in the year 1959. It has helped over millions of students and essay writer over the past century in their creative writing as well as academic writing. It covers everything regarding good writing: style, structure, form, common errors, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, etc.

The book by Carole Hamilton, The Anthem Guide to Essay Writing, can help you in your essay writing. It is a comprehensive guide that motivates the reader to write well and guides them in every process of the essay, including notes on avoiding plagiarism, keeping in line with the reference formats, and the importance of drafting amongst various other subjects. You don’t have to read the book sequentially but read the parts according to your own personalized essay process.

Reading academic journals and editorials

Academic journals provide you with flawless writing, that is meticulously reviewed, edited, formatted, and proofread by several individuals. This leads to a text that is perfect in its form, logic, rhetoric, and style. You can learn to write well by reading these articles and noticing the placement of material and the use of language. The referencing and the citation in these articles allow you to learn, not only, to ace your referencing techniques but demonstrates how best to present the information from the outside sources in the essay. You will know how to best present the information in the form of paraphrasing and quotes, while also learning how to present the evidence in the essay.

Using the various university writing labs and centers

Online writing labs and centers have become one of the most consulted resources for improving the academic essay writing. If you are currently enrolled in a university then you should check for the availability of a writing resource center or a writing lab. The services for which are open to you as they are covered by your tuition fee. 

These labs and centers have writing instructors, as well as writing students, who can help you with your writing troubles. They also have an online library of resources that you can take help from, which might include essay guides and writing samples. 


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