Buy Rings and Jewelry

Buy Rings and Jewelry
Before buying gold jewelry, it is recommended that you keep in mind some considerations about this material to avoid being ripped off as cheap dragon rings. You pay for lesser value jewelry for its simple appearance, so it is important to know the types of gold that exist and how to identify them


Buying gold jewelry can be considered an investment, as it retains its value, is strong and durable. The price of gold is variable according to its weight, carat and place of purchase. One of the first indications that the selected jewelry is indeed made of gold, is that the jewel has the quality mark that indicates the amount of karats that each piece has.


In relation to the karats of gold, 24 is pure gold, 18 is 75 % gold, 14 is 58.3 % gold, and 10 is 41.6 % gold, the rest of the percentages correspond to alloys of different metals. The most common jewels are those made of 18 carat gold. You should consider that gold is sold in grams, and the greater the weight in grams of the piece, the greater the cost.


As regards colors, yellow gold is the most common and the one in greatest demand; although white and pink gold are also very popular. The color is determined by the alloy that has been used to give brightness, durability or hardness.


Yellow gold is usually alloyed with copper to give it a red hue; with silver for a greenish hue; while the combination of copper, silver and gold gives a characteristic delicacy to the pieces. On the other hand, white gold uses alloys with white metals and pink gold has a copper alloy.

Other very important advice when buying gold jewelry is to choose a company or store that specializes in good quality jewelry, which has staff to advise you and offers a wide variety of jewelry. If you are going to make the purchase through the Internet, verify the seriousness of the company before making the purchase.


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