Latamclick expands its services as an advertising agency and presents to its new Strategic Creative Director

Latamclick expands its services as an advertising agency and presents to its new Strategic Creative Director
Asuncion, February 10th, 2020. Latamclick is an agency with an 11-year presence in the Paraguayan market. It has always served organizations and companies to position themselves into the digital world and since 2019, the agency expanded its capabilities to integral ON-OFF communication services.

In a hyper-competitive market, only by deeply understanding the individual behind each consumer, it will be possible to keep the loyalty from our customers and to grasp the preference of the new generation.

Therein, the brand capable of using all the digital and traditional marketing resources, to connect with the emotions of the human being, will be the one that stays out of the competition and wins the game.

In that regard, Latamclick has the ability of working integral communication strategies based on constantly updated processed data. To know the objective situation of the market from the consumers’ word-of-mouth is key in order to get a realistic view and to achieve better results at any consultancy or strategic creativity service.

To fulfill the clients’ growing needs who demand our services as an agency and an integral consultant, Latamclik has begun the new year with a series of key hiring. Now, the company has ensured the arrival of Anibal Rey, who joins as Strategic Creative Director at Latamclick Asuncion. We expect him to boost the creativity excellence of a team of digital and traditional communication professionals. We are taking a big step which aims to create better ideas on duty of the local companies”, stated the Executive Director Francesco Bocanelli.

Rey stated: “Arriving at Latamclick involves a comeback to my unchanged professional passions, as the writing and Mentoring of creative teams are, now enhanced with almost 2 years of Strategic Planning specialization. In addition, joining to this team means to leave my comfort zone, to reintegrate to a company leader in digital marketing, where everything still is new for me and it is constantly in flux. We understand that Advertising should be seen as a whole. It is known that the digital and traditional no longer are the same thing. The real challenge is to conquer the preference of the audiences that each time use more and more the ad-blocks, that skip the advertising in a systematic way and that talk in spaces where the brands are definitely not required nor welcome. It is because of this that we want to rethink to Latamclick as an integral agency of ON-OFF Services, with its sights set in the region first and in the world after. But above all, with the heart set in the human being”.

Anibal Rey was part of the creative management of various Paraguayan and Uruguayan agencies, including TBWA Uruguay, Young & Rubicam Uruguay, Grey, Dentsu Uruguay, Nasta Ogilvy Paraguay, Ojo de Pez DDB Paraguay among others. His credentials also include being one of the founders of Escuela de Ideas Brother Montevideo and from the creativity schools La Guapa and La Resistencia of Asunción. Besides that, he won little more than 200 awards in the region, among which stand out the Fiap, Ojo de Iberoamérica, Lápiz de Platino, Festival de Gramado, Desachate Uruguay, Grand Prix del Tatakuá Paraguay, Campana de Oro Uruguay, Paraguay and Gallo de Oro de UH. He has also been chosen as the Best Creative of the South region at the Ojo de Iberoamerica and Best Creative of the year in Paraguay for 3 years in a row.

I’m very excited of welcoming Anibal” stated Daniela Abad, Latamclick’s Accounts Director. “His career talks by itself, but I can also say that he is a great creative leader and he will be a valuable asset for the organization. His arrival involves an important shift in the agency’s structure, allowing us to continue evolving as an integral agency, which brings internal advantages and towards our clients as well. Internally would be the permanent optimization of processes, efficiency and agility at the interdepartmental coordination, synergy for planning and execution of strategies. With our clients, the permanent satisfaction, covering all their needs thanks to the agency’s versatility that consequently brings and important added value”.


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