Murder, kill or beyond

Murder, kill or beyond 


For anyone it would seem that it is a stupid clarification. It is assumed that we were talking about the same, no one would stop to think that there is a different. Others would think to look or fall into details when we want to just say that there are people have lost their lives period.


The best newspaper headlines use these terms to show us how dangerous our environment is with a high probability of becoming part of the statistics and leaving the house could be lethal.


Unfortunately, in this modern society that has been infected to its base family and children, using drugs and pharmaceutical (antidepressants) only increases the chances of being murder under the effects of them. The people who consume them lose any contact with reality and without being able to see the consequences of their actions under collateral effects of these drugs.


“There is a considerable difference between these two words “kill” and “murder.” A prohibition against all killing would rule out self-defense; it would tend to make it illegal to handle a serpent coiling to strike the baby; it would put a race on a diet of vegetables. I am sure you can see many illustrations of the difficulties raised by a prohibition against all killing. “Murder” is another thing entirely. By definition it means, “The unlawful killing of one (or more) human being by another, especially with malice aforethought.” L. Ron Hubbard.

But these two words are beyond the possibility rationing under the effects of these drugs and antidepressants, people that use this are only dominated by these drugs and as "side effects" labeled by the pharmaceutical industry itself that sells them, and there are many of them, they know that cause violence and suicide.


But nobody stops to see what to do to stop this marketing of drugs, and forbidden to be manufactured and sold to the public.


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