The fight inside the classroom

The fight inside the classroom 

The biggest problem today with which teachers or school teachers have can pass unnoticed, is that children do not understand what is taught. It becomes a daily battle in the classroom. 

You can watch yawns, children nodding, getting dizzy, falling asleep. They get upset, argue, fight, scratch or destroy their desks, pencils, books, get sick, and may have stomach pains, among others. All these are indicators that something is wrong. The strongest indicator of all is school dropout: children who do not want to go to school anymore, do not want to study, who want to escape from school or simply are already absent. 

This can become a nightmare for a teacher and lead her to stop teaching or working in her profession, since she does not have many options with real results to count on. She may think that she does not have the help of parents either. She may end up sending the children to a psychologist, thinking only this can even out the child's school performance, without having the slightest idea of the real problem that lies beneath all this. 

The key to this problem can be easily verified, it is that the fact that a person, when reading a word he does not understand, or a word that he thinks he knows, but that has a different meaning for from the one which applies exactly in that context. 

The person or child is left in complete inactivity, unable to understand what has been said or read. This lack of understanding leaves your mind blank and you unable to use the information, apply it . So there is inaction with respect to what you have just heard or read. You can not apply the topic that is being taught to you. 

"The main process of learning consists of inspecting available information, separating the true from the false, the important from what is not, and arriving at its own conclusions that can be applied." L Ron Hubbard. 

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