Honor those who raised you

There are responsibilities that fall to us, which can be unwanted, but prized.

Carrying out such responsibilities is an honor and an obligation: not something to shirk or shrug off.  These can be actively chosen.


Helping someone leave this life is such an endeavor. It is traditionally members of our family that we assist in this way, for a longer or shorter time, depending on the circumstances. There is a balance to find; love can make it harder or easier, and often both.  Is it selfish to hold someone here when their body is failing or in pain, but we don't want to loose them?  Is it selfish to want someone to move on because the road has been hard and perhaps long and we are tired? 


Compassion is ours to practice in helping someone let go of their mortal body and move forward as a spiritual being into the future. How we ease their concerns is as important as how we ease their physical pain. This is where love shows itself to be unselfish, but focused toward the one who we have chosen to help. Follow their lead.


It is most often our parents we help in this way.  While hit may be sad as we experience this loss, ultimately it is rewarding in the fulfillment of the job.  


"Honor and help your parents.", L. Ron Hubbard.



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