Love must not become a violent fight

Love must not become a violent fight.

Love is a degree of affinity between two people, especially a man and a woman. It embodies those moments of desired expression of affection; a union that can generate or bear fruit. It is one of the strongest bonds that exists, creating a new life, children.

It transcends: races, creeds, beliefs and political tendencies. It is the essence that moves the world. It starts with two people and it is spaced as a wave on the water, so life can open up and persist in time.

But also there are stoppages that contaminate it and make it turn over to the other side of the coin, with the same power to do well and with the same power to do evil; Hate. Turning that negative emotion into violence, such an extent that it can leave a mark; toxicity or poison left for the rest of his life.

Domestic violence contaminates everything in its path without any control, with blows and insults. There are bruises that leave traces deeper than a battered or wounded body. It fills the entire space of a home leaving it broken by fear, terror and making it difficult to breathe. It creates a crack in society that will be arduous to the seal.

Our fight, and it is everyone's job, is to cut these numbers to zero. The police report statistics are misleading, since the majority of victims do not report themselves to the authorities.

“Instead of arguing with others, get them to look. The most flagrant lies can be punctured, the greatest pretenses can be exposed, the most intricate puzzles can resolve, the most remarkable revelations can occur simply by gently insisting that some look”. L. Ronald Hubbard.
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