Truth About Non-paying Signing Companies

Every signing agent who is working for some time, have at least eleven came across to non-paying signing companies. Unfortunately for us, there are more than a few out there. Today non-paying signing companies happen to be a popular topic on many notary forums all next to notary seals  , Notary Stamps and Notary Supplies.


Today signing companies are listed on internet with star ratings provided by signing agents who have worked for the company. This star ratings are largely based on the signing company's track record, along with how long it takes the service to pay. On average, a decent paying company pays $ 150 or more within 35 days of the signing. Many of the services that meet these criteria have received a 3- to 4-star rating by signing agents.


Signing companies with poor paying histories usually receive a 2- to 3-star rating. This serves as an ultimate alert to signing agents that they will probably run into problems when it's time to get paid for completing the signing. One of the best methods of dealing with a non-paying signing company is to contact the title company that hired the signing company. Though not many people use this approach, it does work many times. Nonetheless, this method can be used to send the work to a non-paying signing service, and one hopes that, as a result, the title company will take heed and revoke the particular signing service.


Sure non-paying signing services are a waste of time, and nobody really like having deal with them. When confronted with a non-paying service, experience people send to only half the work report to company followed by a phone call. Very few times this will result in payment, and other times it will not. This methods has worked on non-paying signing companies, non-paying attorneys, and non-paying title companies.


But in the end the best way to deal with non-paying signing services is not to work with them in the first place. With all the require information available on the internet these days, one simple online search can solve and save you from a whole lot of trouble when you are contacted to a signing. So I would suggest you to do some basic research on the company prior to accepting the assignment.


This year is sure to be an awesome year for notaries and it's related businesses. So by taking a little time now to start your freelancing business off on a solid footing will provide a great benefit to you in the next year. Today you are your most valuable asset. So continue to invest in the habits that will help you be successful.


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