Music, art and beauty fight against tyranny

Music, art and beauty fight against tyranny. 

A very effective way to combat evil, suppression and human aberration is, Aesthetics. Expression itself, through the arts that flood our daily life with beauty. No matter the pain or hell that a human being may be living, the last thing, at the last sigh is the admiration for beauty. 

A nation or people may be going through hardships, fleeing into exile, or witnessing atrocities right and left, but having a small ray of light and seeing beauty, the soul fills with life again and hope to move forward. Many know it. 

It has been proven at times in history as well as in our current days, in the middle of a battle or fight; a tune, a song, a note or a beautiful voice... have lowered arms and left breathless the anger and hatred. It gives a respite, a moment when the being rises above the emotions and starts to operate in other heights. The band of aesthetics. 

That exact moment where the understanding and reasoning work together and the being is himself again and makes the most pro-survival decisions for all involved. That is why artists play a very important role in society, they are the first creators, they start from nowhere to an infinity full of possibilities and colors, so they can offer us a future. There may be people on the road who want you to fall, fail or give up so much that they are driven to the point of taking up arms and conflict to achieve it. 

“If you flourish and prosper more and more, such people go into apathy about it: they can give it up completely.", L. Ron Hubbard.

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