How to start exercising if I've never done

How to start exercising if I've never done

Choose an activity (that is already a habit) as a reminder 

WARNING: It is important not to skip this step.

Surely you are thinking that a reminder won't be necessary, you could never forget to make that short goal you set for yourself. But you're wrong. The function of a reminder is not simply to "not forget", it is also a strong motivator. It generates a certain psychological pressure, and is key to forming the habit.

Your reminder can be one or many. 

For example: the sheet of paper you just wrote in the previous point, an alarm on your mobile phone, a note in your diary, your sneakers at the door of your house, etc.

But the best reminder in the world is an activity that is already a habit in your routine and a workout log app android.

Golden rule: A powerful reminder is a previous activity that is already a habit in your routine.

It is easier for you to achieve your goal successfully if you intend to exercise right after an activity that is already a habit, such as: 

After brushing your teeth, after morning coffee, after putting the children to bed, after making the bed, and so on.

Once you choose a habit as a reminder, you have to write it down and complete your exercise plan. 

For example: "After my coffee I do strength training for 10 minutes in the corner park".

The goal is to have an action plan to follow that tells you what to do on a day-to-day basis, not just a goal.

A 2002 British study found that when participants formulated a plan about exactly when and where they would exercise, they had more than a 90% chance of doing so, compared to only 38% of those who had not planned ahead.

Mental note: If you write it down, you have a 90% chance of achieving it.

If you're interested in learning more, read this article on effective reminders. 


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