The fight against the Drugs begins at home

The fight against the Drugs begins at home. 

The fight against the Drugs begins at home. If parents ignore the truth about them and have no idea how to approach their children and talk about them, they will not be able to tell them what drugs are. 

Do you know what Drugs are? It's a simple question, but I bet you do not have a simple answer to describe them. 

In the Latino community, children are raised closer to their families, as a nucleus than in some others. They don’t loose sight of the children; dad and mom know what they are doing, where and with whom. They protect themselves more within a social circle that they can control; and that's how they like it and feel they protect their children more. 

But hey! Drugs do not forgive anyone. They come for everyone without knowing race, religion, or language. Drugs just burn everything in their path to get ahead. There is only one way to stop them, it is the most effective of all, and it is not to try them. It sounds stupidly simple, but how do you tell a ten-year-old boy not to eat a candy? When the marketing and propaganda of lies about Drugs goes to free rein, and there are moments that not even a saint would refuse. 

There is a previous step to this; and it is KNOW, really know and understand what Drugs are, what they do to the body and mind, how long they rest in the body, and how people lie to you about them so you will try them. 

“Drugs are essentially poisons. The degree to with they are taken determines the effect”. L. Ronald Hubbard. 
Do you know that a child who knows the truth about drugs has more chance of never trying them. Know the truth about drugs, the facts and real statistics told by those who survived it. 

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