How to know if a lawyer is good

How to know if a lawyer is good

The strategic plan, for the most part, forces your lawyer to give immediate attention to your case, encouraging creative and proactive thinking. 

A strategic plan explains all of the following:

• What the plan is and what results it should probably produce

• Why it's the best possible plan

• How long the plan will probably take, from beginning to end

• What special circumstances might require deviation from the plan

Your lawyer or your Criminal lawyer Majorca will charge you for the time it takes to draft a strategic plan. 

You might decide it's an unnecessary cost, especially if you're not expecting to need a lawyer's services for long or you're paying a lawyer with a flat fee agreement. 

Still, some legal matters take a longer amount of time than a client expects. 

Knowing this ahead of time is exactly why a strategic plan might be in your best interest. 

In the long run, you might be saving yourself a good deal of money. 

As for the cost of drafting the plan, you can instruct your lawyer up front to spend only a certain amount of money on drafting the plan.

Finally, don't hesitate in modifying the plan that your lawyer comes up with, if necessary. 

The strategic plan, when agreed upon by lawyer and client, will keep your lawyer on the right path for the duration of your lawsuit.

Temper what you are getting vs. what it's costing you on an ongoing basis.

If you're not paying a flat fee to your lawyer, this information is for you. A lawyer's services are rarely cheap. 

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