Let There Be Light or Have Yourself Merry Christmas

Let There Be Light or Have Yourself Merry Christmas


The darkness creeps in.  It starts over the summer, when we are lulled by warm days,

but already the light is seeping out of the days here above the equator.


By December, the darkest month, we are longing for light.  We need sunlight physically, just to live. This is experienced physically and emotionally as well. And so, in much of the northern hemisphere, we fight back. We celebrate.


Yes.  We celebrate. We use light to mark the longest days with joy; to remind us that spiritually there is light from grace, that perception of the truth is part of each of us.

And for most of our race, perception and light are intertwined. 


And thus light is symbolic of our religious celebrations.  From the ancient Roman Saturnalia, celebrated on the winter solstice, to the Celtic Yule and the Slavic Kolida, and the Persian Shabe Yalda, we celebrate the returning of the light. Judaism and Christianity are part of the celebration of light. For the Jews, it is the Miracle of the Lights; Hanukkah. The wondrous event of the oil to burn the Temple lamp for one day, burned for eight. For Christians, the coming of Christ was marked by a mighty star, and with Epiphany and the arrival of the Magi, heralding the recognition of truth


In our cultures now, we light the lights by the end of November, and often burn them into January. In many of our communities there is a tradition of adorning our environment with all kinds of lights at this time of year. All designed to give joy to the beholder.


As expressed by L. Ron Hubbard, "Man, since the dawn of the species, has taken great consolation and joy in his religions."  


Wishing you all a joyous season! www.thewaytohappiness.org

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