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March against the dead

Saturday, Oct. 24, more than 250 people from Florida, the United States, gathered in downtown Orlando to march and protest against the Death Industry, Psychiatry. Within the Orlando Convention Center another meeting of the semi-science called psychiatry was taking place. The organization Caring Commission for Human Rights once again confronted them, to publicly denounce all the violations of Human Rights perpetuated by psychiatrists. The Citize.. [01 de Noviembre del 2018]

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The Holocaust: Selling Hatred

The Holocaust: Selling Hatred   Hatred.  How else would anything like the Holocaust occur?  Or why? Look back through the history of earth, and see a history of fear.   In our cultures there is an old habit. From our very early forming of groups, tribes, clans, we have called ourselves “the people” and we have extended that title only to those we recognize as members of our own group.  Therefore, anyone else is “other”, and the word.. [06 de Enero del 2019]

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